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micro projeX

throughout this semester, i’ll be involved in various group and individual projects for my senior architecture studio:

follow the process and documentation of my individual micro projects!

so far…..

i’ve tried to create my own candle wax with everyday materials including sugar, jell-o, and gummy bears. the molds were also everyday, recycled objects like juice cartons and egg cartons.

i’ve also experimented with palm wax, as candles and as objects.

i’ve just started researching radio broadcasting.

i’ve also begun experimenting with growing seeds for a hydroponic system. this will lead to the design of a community garden.

i’m currently brainstorming ideas for a combined wax workshop, radio station, and garden for the community!

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wax-radio-garden precedents

here are some interesting approaches/thoughts/architecture which caught my attention today– these have affected my ideas about the combined wax workshop, radio station, and community garden project.

wax-radio-garden design elements


hydroponic proposal

our proposal for the community garden using hydroponics.

created with valerie stevens and miranda rogers


radio broadcasting…

another project for studio is going to be helping the las lomas community build their own radio station.

equipment can be expensive, especially because radio broadcasting can involve satellite connections etc. what i was interested in finding while i researched was the simplest-do-it-yourself radio that could serve the small community.

i found a site called “outlaw radio” which was very interesting– it demonstrated that radio broadcasting doesn’t have to be something that fills an entire room. it can fit nicely on a small table with a broadcasting antennae outside depending on the range of coverage you are interested in. this website was also helpful in suggesting that equipment can be very affordable (it has suggestions about what to buy and where!).

check out the website:

“outlaw radio” also reference a group called “space hijackers” that ran radio out of a briefcase– they broadcasted very short range and on unsed frequencies so that it interrupted other programs as people drove by.

here’s their project:

so, it is possible to have a very small radio station located pretty much anywhere! you just need the equipment to get started!